Hi to any and all who are reading this. It has been a very unproductive week for me, not being able to crack my weekly goals. This is mostly due to an odd burn I managed to get on my left wrist, right on the fleshy part over the veins.

I was cooking spaghetti with one of those “wonderful” pots with a locking lid. The lid is equipped with holes for straining, hence why the lid locks. But my burn occurred well before the straining process.

I was lifting the lid to stir the half-cooked noodles when one edge of the locking lid remained lock. The pot acted as a fulcrum when I tried to lift the lid, and the motion of pulling it up and off only turned the lid into my wrist. The hot, steaming metal pressed squarely on my wrist and I felt the hot sear of it there.

I worked in kitchens in the past and am no stranger to burns. I’m also pretty clumsy at home with cooking, having burned my fingers, knuckles, and so on. But burning my wrist was the worst I’d ever experienced.

I typically take these burns in stride, at most running them under some lukewarm water to soothe the initial bite of the burn. But this was on another level. My only thought was that the burn hurt so badly because it was on such a soft unaffected area to begin with.

I applied lotion and wrapped it in gauze, reapplying lotion later in the night. It helped, but the pain in the wrist and the consistent contact it made with my laptop made writing very difficult. Thus I could not hit my word count.

There is good news in all this murky business, though. My previous weeks throughout this hunt for 95,000 words have been more than good. I even had some weeks that broke 10,000 words, which gave me some insurance against a week like this.

I will still break my ultimate goal of 95,000 words for the nineteen week run. Maybe I’ll have one last phenomenal week and bust through that 100k mark. If that happens, I will celebrate that major win. Either way, hitting close to 100k in five months is a great achievement, equivalent to two books in a year.

I would have some very happy readers if I could write and publish two books a year. But I feel that doing so all on my own would leave little room to edit the books thoroughly or even market them well enough to get them in front of new readers. That being said, I would be happy with putting out a book a year.

Until Next Time: Take care of yourselves.

One thought on “Week Eighteen Check-in!

  1. oooh, dang, that had to hurt. SO sorry. Congrats on those super productive weeks, too. 10K is fabulous! I hope you’ll heal quickly, and keep on writing, then editing. Happy spring to you!

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