“In its small way, McVey’s novel is a philosophical odyssey, one that will lead younger readers to an entire world of possibility, and reward older readers with many hallmarks of previous literary expeditions.”  Joshua Grasso, author of The Astrologer’s Portrait and The Count of the Living Death
Plod On, Sleepless Giant is a captivating fantasy with a loveable host of characters that feel real and engaging.” – Leisl Kaberry, author of The Titanian Chronicles

PlodOn-FrontJacketPerfect copy

At the center of earth exists Temelephas. Created as an insensitive automaton, he is chained to his wooden wheel, ever turning our world. Never to feel, never to remember … he was made to only walk. Earth is ravaged by a storm the likes of which humanity’s meteorologists have never seen, leaving nothing but questions. Cities are left in rubble and people like Edward and Lily begin to put their lives back together, all while afraid of the storm’s possible resurgence. Destruction lays in wait for Earth and its inhabitants, and there is nothing they can do. It is left to a sole Watcher–those that guard over all in creation, sent on a fool’s errand to save the earth, humanity, and most likely the universe.

“Walk, walk, walk, through the darkness he would stomp; his feet pounding his life into the earth.”

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2 thoughts on “Plod On, Sleepless Giant

  1. I got an advanced copy of the book and really enjoyed it. I know you’ll do well and look forward to the screen adaptation. Who would best play Nick?


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