I’m not someone that is good at finishing things that I start; my family would be the first to tell you that. In fact, my mom would more than likely share some stories about the many times that I talked a lot about doing something big and fantastic, but never followed through.

That’s why completing my novel was such a huge deal for me. It was worthy of celebrating, and my mom was my biggest cheerleader. It took many years and countless rewrites–even overhauling the plot entirely–but I had finished it.

I had written short stories before, and always talked about tackling a novel, but never did. I found the creative release my soul seemed to desire by simply writing ten pages. I created people and worlds, and spun them carelessly about until a story fell out of the mix.

I was reckless in my writing–a luxury that can only be afforded to those writing short stories. What difference did it make if my story had gotten out of control–if it no longer had a plot line that it followed? It was only ten pages!

All I had wasted was an afternoon, and it never seemed like a waste. I was still in the process of learning how to write and it was too exciting to stop the flow from the tip of my pen.

I learned, however, that writing a novel is very, very different. Writing short stories is like going to a pet store and holding puppies and kittens for an hour or so. Writing a novel is more like how I imagine raising a child would be.

The story is born, springing out of your mind and landing precariously onto paper. You guard the plot with a vigilance … never wanting any harm to come near your precious baby. The words are groomed and perfected, wanting them to always make a good impression.

It’s exhausting! But in the end, you have this amazing reward that you know could only have come from you. “Isn’t it just the most adorable book you’ve ever seen?!”

Writing this novel has been hard, but I learned a lot from the challenge. Completing it was enough; I decided long ago that publishing it–or not publishing it–wasn’t the important thing. I wasn’t going to put all my eggs in that basket.

But as luck would have it, that basket has found a home.

So I’m happy to announce, that after years of writing–and years of submitting to agents, with no luck–my novel, PLOD ON, SLEEPLESS GIANT, is finally going to be published! I want to thank Robert Jendry and Mount Air Publishing for seeing value in my story and the characters within.

Soon–hopefully soon–I’ll be posting cover art and segments from the book, and updates on the progress of my little book as it inches towards publication. I apologize in advance to those of you who are generous enough to read my blog, for blatantly beating you over the head with shameless marketing. And as always, I greatly appreciate the support of readers and other bloggers that I follow, in helping me spread the word.

Oh, it is an exciting time, my friends. Fall may be in the air, but Spring remains in my heart. At last, my little bundle of joy will be able to walk, taking its first wobbly steps. I’ll gladly look on as it heads out into the world, for better or for worse.

PLOD ON, SLEEPLESS GIANT, a novel about an ancient elephant that lives at the center of our world–and the wheel he turns–is coming! Finally … Temelephas will walk.

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