It’s so funny how dreams can creep into our minds like little bugs, and create their own little world in our heads. When we wake we think to ourselves, what a silly dream to have had. But as we sleep, there is nothing more real.

I don’t claim to remember all of the dreams that ever wafted through my noggin, but it always seems the more bizarre ones cling onto my brain and hold tight. There was a dream I had once, that I had to walk up a ton of stairs that were actually toilets(don’t judge).

The one I remember most was a reoccurring one in which I was Superman, but only when I had my eyes clenched shut. As soon as I opened them–to see who I was fighting off or saving–I would change back into a small, scared child. I’m sure there’s some psychological reasoning for that, but I’ll just ignore it for the time being.

I don’t know what most writers do when they have strange dreams with odd characters and bizarre locations, but I always tuck them away. I store them like little, golden nuggets, and wait for them to morph themselves into stories. Not all make such a grand transition, but I feel it’s important to remember our dreams.

One thought on “Dream a Little Dream …

  1. I don’t usually use my own dreams in stories, but I wrote a YA fantasy novella based on someone else’s reaction to dreaming. THAT was interesting. They would sleep so hard and dream so vividly that they couldn’t tell what was the real world when they awoke. My story “Dreams” was based on that– of course I added a fun fairy world in it, but I gotta have my own take on it somehow! 🙂


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