They say Life imitates Art, and Art imitates Life. But Oscar Wilde believed Life imitates Art far more than Art actually imitates Life. He’d likely be giddily boastful about this claim had he lived in this modern Era, with all the Social Media trends that sweep over the youth of the world.

I suppose it’s one of those unresolvable debates, much like “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” In the end, it’s not worth the time arguing the validity of either side. It’s simply an unanswerable question.

As a writer, however, I know some of my greatest writing is inspired by life. The people and events that fill my days spark my imagination. A new project I’m working on is definitely inspired by my life, and it’s shaping up to be one that I’ll be extremely proud of.

I don’t want to get too deep into the plot of it, because the plot is still being fleshed out. But the themes of it are sad but sweet… dealing with grief and lost love, dark elements clashing with those of light. I even fall back on one of my favorite myths, bringing that sweet story around one more time.

I hope to share some of the story with you all soon enough. But right now I’m still enjoying my time alone with it, soaking up the elements of the story, keeping them like little secrets. It’s a pretty personal story, even if the story isn’t all my own. I guess it’s just the emotions that linger behind the story that I feel ownership over… but they’re emotions that we’re all familiar with.

Until next time: find some art to imitate, or find a way to turn a piece of your life into some beautiful art.

One thought on “January 7th, 2022 — 8:31pm

  1. Looking forward to you sharing what you can when you are ready. I am the same way with my paintings. They are a part of me, that I am not always ready to share right away. Love your blogs.


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