Hi to any and all that are reading this. I apologize in advance for this being a rather boring post. I had a very productive week, though it had nothing to do with word count. But that is 100% okay… I knew going in to this week that I was going to focus my attention on a different project.

I spent the week putting the pieces of my shattered Fantasy book back together. If this sounds like a scary prospect, let me ensure you that it was. If this sounds confusing to you, you can always click here for a little background as to what exactly happened.

I spent some time doing it all the hard way, but eventually came across a way that provided an easier solution. The main problem I have is that there is no way to be sure that my previous edits were saved with this current manuscript. This means I have to go through it all once more to ensure that the hard changes I made are still there.

Once that is all done, I’ll be able to go through to polish it up. I got the pieces put back together in the earlier part of the week. Then I started with going through and checking for previously corrected mistakes, though I didn’t do as much as I would like to have.

But the highlight of my week, or rather weekend, has nothing to do with my own writing. My wife and I took an overnight trip to kind of clear our heads and just get out. But the destination was a bucket list item. I’ll be writing a post about my trip later this week, pictures to be included.

Until Next Time: Remember that there is more to writing than just putting words on the page. Productivity isn’t always judged by word counts. And clearing your head of all the garbage that stacks there is a requirement to keeping your focus. Take time to relax and go on your own adventure–it’ll only make the adventures you write all the more enjoyable.

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