Dear Journal,

If you don’t remember, I encountered a snafu with my Scrivener upgrade. I want to start by saying the changes in the program are amazing–its more user friendly now, and just looks better… but I had a problem with transferring a file from the older version to the newer version. The novel was all mixed up, with sections all scattered with no titles to discern them from one another.

But the good news is that I was finally able to find some time to piece it all together. The project was slow to start, not really having an idea of how I was going to accomplish this. But I soon found a way to put it all together again.

There is a possibility that I lost some of the editing I’d done in recent history, but at least I still have the manuscript! So I’ll focus on going through the fantasy novel once more to polish it up and fix some errors.

Until then… happy writing!

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