Hi to any and all who are reading this. Welcome once more to my blog, where I’m currently keeping tabs on my weekly writing goals. My goals have been the same for nearly four months now, being that I want to achieve a word count of 5,000 words each week. I also have a secondary goal of editing my other novels, preparing them for publication.

It’s been a rocky past few weeks, but I’m back on track. I hit my word goal for last week, which was nice after an absolute failure of a week prior. The only problem I’ve currently experienced is that I haven’t gotten as much editing done as I would like to.

Typically this wouldn’t be a huge deal. I would normal go through a period of writing, followed by a period of editing. But the real issue is that I haven’t been able to devote enough time to editing to make much of a difference. It’s especially difficult when you consider that you need to have a good idea about the story in order to make those tough decisions, and bouncing between books makes it a bit cloudy.

This means that I likely won’t be participating in the upcoming PitMad event on June 3rd, at least not with my own manuscript–I’ll likely hop on and retweet in support of other writers. I have been a faithful participant of PitMad for the last year, having dabbled with it in the past here and there. It’s a wonderful opportunity to pitch your unpublished novel to prospective agents and editors, as well as meeting other interesting writers.

I highly recommend any and all writers to at least check it out. Look at the rules at pitchwars.org/pitmad and hop right in. Who knows? Maybe you won’t have your own book to pitch, but you can certainly search out the different pitches that are tagged #PitMad. See what other writers are up to–it can be a great gauge of what editors and agents are currently looking for in a prospective project.

Who knows–maybe I’ll change my mind all together, and try to pitch Children of Bast again. And if you do come across my pitch, please give it a share.

Until Next Time: Remember that community is important for us all, even if its a digital one. Connect with like-minded people and share your thoughts and ideas. Build relationships.

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