Hi to any and all that are reading this. Thanks again for checking in with me and keeping me accountable. Keeping this word count goal going can be difficult at times. This past week is a good example of this.

I’m sorry to say that I fell way short of my goal for this past week. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, hence why this post is late to begin with.

A date came and passed, a date that should have been one of joy but ended up being one of sorrow and loss. I won’t get into details, but just know that both my wife and I are fine and well. But I didn’t expect this looming date to effect me in the way it did.

I found my mind and heart zapped, no will to write or even edit. I had no interest in any of it. Even when I sat down with the intention to write, all the words I hammered out on my keyboard were utter garbage. I could see no way to salvage them later.

It was like I was just dumping random, blathering words that held no heart or meaning on my computer. It was much akin to the sort of small talk we all dread having when we get caught in awkward situations with someone in an elevator. Hey… what a day, huh?–Can you believe this weather?–Did you see that game?

It was just garbage. And I got so frustrated with my mind just seizing up. Even having the whole plot of the novel mapped out in front of me was no help. I know how it ends, I know where it’s going! But my mind was blank and I had no way of getting around this brain freeze.

This week, I will get back on track. I have given myself time to get through this personal stuff–I only hope that it was enough. To be honest, there won’t ever be enough time, but there’s nothing I can do to reverse any of that. But I will be okay… and I will find a way through all of this.

Until Next Time: Life Happens.

One thought on “Week Fourteen Check-in!

  1. I understand this feeling as well. Some weeks are just not as “successful” as we’d like. But… thinking is writing, plotting is writing, even scribbling down 5 words that you’ll keep is writing.

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