Hi to any and all who happen to be reading this. I am happy to report that week thirteen finds me back on track with my weekly goals. I was able to hit my 5k word count goal for the week, which is especially good considering last week’s debacle that found me coming up short.

Another fun part of the week was the continuing saga of the “mixed up novel”. If you haven’t read my previous post regarding this, I had an issue with Scrivener, my word processor of choice. I updated from the previous version of Scrivener, but I had an issue with transferring projects from the old version to the new version. To be fair, I only had this issue with one of my projects that I transferred over, the rest were perfectly fine. It was only by terrible luck that the project that got scrambled in the transfer also happened to be my longest book, with many different scenes.

Scrivener was nice enough to offer their help in fixing the issue, and I took them up on that. But I also decided that I wasn’t going to hold my breath, and I figured out a somewhat issue way to fix the issue myself. All it will take is time.

So I spent an afternoon going through the scrambled files, slowly identifying and reorganizing the scenes in their right order. I’m about a third way through the book, and so far only one actual scene is completely gone. I would typically lose my mind over something like that, but I was lucky enough to have a recent draft saved, which I can use to fill in that blank scene.

It’ll be slow work, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel for my fairytale book. Patience is a virtue I am lacking in, but I’m learning.

Until Next Time: Remember that nothing is impossible with hard work. Even a boulder can be carved down to a pebble with time and effort.

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