Hi to any and all that are reading this. I want to thank you all for stopping by to check in with me once more, especially this week. If you have read along with me over the weeks, you will have seen many instances of weekly successes… but that will not be the case this week.

I am sorry to say that I failed this past week to hit my 5,000 word goal. I was only able to 2,522 words this past week, and I didn’t even get much editing done. I could come up with a dozen excuses as to why this is possible, but they would all just be excuses.

We all have excuses for when we fail in our endeavors. It’s not to say that these excuses aren’t relevant; we all go through challenges and face our own obstacles. And this week was no different for me.

But in the end, I let these challenges get in my way. I allowed them to prevent me from doing what I knew I needed to do. I got distracted, I got lethargic. I thought I had bought myself some wiggle room–thought I had gotten to a place in my writing where I could bang out all the words in a single night.

Sure, doing that isn’t impossible, but it certainly is improbable. Writing that many words isn’t unheard of, but it can be a true struggle if you’re not in the flow. For me, the flow comes from writing everyday, how could I have thought I was able to just muscle through?

I let my ego over past successes cloud my better judgement, and I got lazy. I will do my best to prevent that from happening again.

None of us are above failure; it’s always lurking around the next corner, waiting for us. If we let our drive slip, we open ourselves up to failing. But failure isn’t the end of anything, at least not in this case.

It’s a bruised ego for me, having to write this blog post. A reminder that I am in no way a super hero of the writing world. But I will wear this failure as a badge, and learn from my mistakes.

Until Next Time: We can all learn from our mistakes. It’s the only way we can grow as people. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston Churchill

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