Dear Journal,

I had a mild panic attack yesterday, when trying to load one of my manuscripts into the new version of Scrivener. I transferred it over, but the files were lost and recovered… which left them in a pile at the bottom of my binder.

The good news was that it all seemed to be there. The bad news is that it was all mixed up and not labeled… like a puzzle. The worst news is that I’m terrible with puzzles. Even the old version of Scrivener couldn’t load it up.

I tweeted out with hopes a fellow writer might have a solution. But Literature and Latte, the company that made Scrivener, tweeted back to me. They asked for me to send the file to them, that they could possibly help. In the least, they might find out what caused this issue.

So now I just need to wait… and hopefully the good folks at L&L can fix this, saving me days of trouble.

Until then, I’ll keep on writing my newest novel.

2 thoughts on “4/28/2021 — 10:26am

  1. Hope they can help. It’s a sucky feeling when you have to figure out creative works again. The fire to let them flee from your brain and then have to put it back together is taxing. Big hugs homie!

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