Hi to any and all who are reading this. Thanks again for checking in with me and continuing to hold my feet to the flames.

It’s now week ten, which means we’ve officially passed the halfway point in my word writing challenge. Last week I finished up my first draft of Kingdoms of Clay, leaving me in need of a new focus for me to continue my writing exercise. Luckily for me, there was a book I started a few years back that was only just tapped into.

This week, I added 5,147 words to this new book, so it was a successful week. The greater success for me, though, was being able to pick back up so easily with these characters that I’ve kind of been ignoring over the last couple of years. They exist in a world that I created for another book that I wrote, and have yet to publish.

I see a recurring trend here; my writing of books and just letting them sit by the wayside as I write something else.

Anyways, it feels good to be back in the world again. I have some friends that would rather I write the third book in the Children of Bast series now, rather than putting it off. But I need to marinade the plot for that one a bit longer. I know how it ends, but getting from one point to the other is another story.

You can’t rush the important stuff, and the plot line that ties up three books’ worth of characters, story, and tragedy certainly qualifies. I don’t want this book to be a disappointment.

But I think I’ll concentrate on writing this current work in progress for the next handful of weeks. This book will probably be finished by the time my little experiment is done. Then that will make four books that are finished and in need of eyes to wash over them.

Perhaps that will be how I finish out my summer; spending the months of July and August in complete edit mode, and get these books polished up nicely. Then I’ll just start putting them out, one by one.

Until Next Time: remember to always think about your next steps. It’s important to focus on the task at hand, but you should always be mindful of what’s to come.

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