Hi to any and all that happen to be reading this. Thanks for stopping in and keeping track of my word count goals with me. This strict accountability has done wonders for reaching my goals each week, and this week is a prime, grade-A example of this.

My goal for each week, just to recap, is to write 5,000 words. Having a regular job–with irregular hours–this goal is harder than one might think. Sometimes you come home from work, dragging your tired butt through the door, and the last thing you want to do is spin a story. Sometimes the motivation to write is just not there, but this experiment has driven me to push myself a little harder.

This week, I have obtained two, wonderful achievements. The first being that I wrote a total of 10,422 words… that’s more than double my goal! And even better than that is that I actually finished my latest manuscript, Kingdoms of Clay, in this huge storm of words.

It’s the second book in my unpublished series, Children of Bast, which I hope to start putting out in the next year. I hoped to have published the first book by now, but a good friend of mine convinced me to hold off on that for a little while.

The reason for doing so was simple; to have the second book ready to go before hitting that publish button on the first. I didn’t, and still don’t want the continuity or story of the Children of Bast series to suffer from any missteps that might occur in the ongoing creation of this tale. My goal, as is the goal of all other writers, is to give the readers the very best version of the story. And holding off on publishing these books is an important part of this.

The good news is that I have other manuscripts that I can work on and polish throughout this time. There are many kettles on the boil for me; trust me when I say that I will continue to stay busy in the coming weeks. There are many words left to be written, and other books to focus on. I look forward to the hard work ahead.

Until Next Time: remember that patience is a virtue. And though I’m not entirely a virtuous person, it’s a personal goal of mine to be as virtuous as possible. I’d have to say that patience is one thing I’ve always struggled with, always anxious to finish things quickly and move on to the next project. But I, like my writing, am still a work in progress.

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