Hi to any and all that read this. Thanks again for stopping in to examine my week in review of writing; its done wonders to keep me accountable in my goals. I truly don’t think I’d have come so far without this weekly blog post to keep me writing away.

I am happy to announce that I met my weekly goal of 5,000 words… and I am psyched to inform you all that I did so in unrelenting fashion, absolutely demolishing that goal. In the end I wrote 9,631 words over the last seven days. I can’t even tell you how great it feels to be writing these words.

I wrote almost 6,000 of those words over the course of two days, back to back. I guess part of it had to do with the subject of the scenes I was writing those day. It seems that the more excited I am about the scene, the more amped I am to write them.

The biggest shock of this week, however, was that I didn’t just give up after those 6,000 words exploded out in the manuscript. I could have easily stopped, and I considered it. I mean, there’s a lot of great stuff streaming online right now, and I have a new book that I could certainly find more time to read. But I didn’t want to slow myself down when it came to my writing.

The outcome I want from this experience of keeping track of my word count each week is to develop a stronger habit of writing. If I simply stop after hitting my goal on Wednesday, then I would have almost a whole week of no words. In the end it would only hurt myself.

And now here I am. I can feel the end of this book coming up. It won’t be long now until I have finished the first draft of book two in the Children of Bast series. And after I finish this book, I’ll dive into another work in progress that’s been floating around, spending my extra time editing this current book.

I’m looking ahead, planning my steps out with more clarity. These weekly check-ins are the reason for that. So I have to thank you all for keeping me honest and keeping me pumped to write more and more.

Until Next Time: In the wise words of Curtis Mayfield, “Keep on keeping on”. Don’t let goals or limitations we set for ourselves be some defining border of our lives. Don’t just see your goals as a finish line, but as a distance that you would be okay with reaching. Be like Bruce Lee, and aim past your target.

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