Hello to anyone who’s reading this. I want to thank you for checking in with me each week; it’s truly helpful with holding myself accountable in my writing endeavors. If you’d like, you can subscribe to my blog, getting notifications of any new posts.

I plan to write more posts, discussing my current projects. I want to introduce some characters, and possibly discuss the mythologies that back my stories. Mythology has always been fascinating to me, ever since I was a child, which is why it plays such a part in my writing.

Speaking of which, I am happy to report that it has been another successful week of writing for me, having hit my goal of 5,000 words for the week! Sadly, however, I wasn’t able to do much editing of my other project. I hope to get to some of that editing this week, hoping to find some beta readers for the project in the near future.

I honestly didn’t think I was going to hit my goal this week, which would have been disappointing. Work was crazy and I had chores to tend to at the house. One of those chores involved a cat of our… Nerwin, aka Winnie.

Don’t worry, though, Winnie is perfectly fine. She’s a gray, slightly overweight, long haired cat that only likes to cuddle on her own terms. And that is totally her own prerogative.

But being a long haired, slightly over weight cat, she tends to get some tangles in her fur, as well as some pretty frightening hairballs. In my search for a solution in the pet aisles of my local store, I found this slicker brush; it’s best described as a small brush with many thin needles. It looked kind of scary to me–like the Pinhead of hairbrushes–but I decided that the brush was perfectly harmless after dragging it across my palm; it even felt a little nice, like a hundred tiny hands massaging my skin.

Needless to say, it was difficult to get Winnie to approach me when I knelt on the floor, brush in hand. But she used the little bit of trust she had to come to me, examining the brush. I slowly brushed her, the slicker brush pulling out the dead hairs and probably exposing her to the same “100 tiny hands” massage. She loved the brush in the end, and proceeded to follow me around the house in hopes of a repeat performance.

But this only led to more cuddle sessions, which derailed my intentions to write earlier in the week. I lost two whole days. This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, save for the fact that I hope to make writing a daily thing, to train myself into setting aside time each day to write,

But seeing the two, back-to-back days on my spreadsheet with zero words entered, I felt more drive to write. The ideas were already there, waiting in my mind. I only had to put those words down, which I did over the remaining five days.

Regarding any future posts, whether it be for my weekly check-in or anything else, are there any specific things you might want to see? Anything specific about my upcoming books? As always, I’d love to hear from you.

See you all next time!

One thought on “Week Three Check-in!

  1. Well done hitting the goal! When I’ve had my high word count goal, I haven’t even TRIED to edit my other book. Good on you for wanting to tackle both.

    Slicker brush: YES! Fat cat Pern, with his mix of long hair and short hair, loves it, will actually head-butt me when I stop before he wants me to be done. More slender Xanth prefers the soft-bristled brush.

    Go get next week’s goal!

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