It has been a while since I have posted to the blog, and partly it was due to trying to finish a book that I have been writing. I say partly because I certainly cannot say entirely. I am a victim to time, as are all of my fellow humans.

We are only given so many minutes in a day to do with what we will–and when you think of it in minutes, it appears to be a lot less. There’s only 1,440 minutes in each day … only 86,400 seconds. There may have been a time, when I was really young, that I might have made a claim that I could possibly hold my breathe for that many seconds. That’s how short a day seems in seconds.

But now I am distracted, which is why you do not get as many of these terrific posts as frequently as you may or may not want them … Better to get right to it!

I have free Audio Books to Give Away!

You read correctly … I have free Audible promo codes, to be used to get a FREE audio book copy of my first novel, Plod On, Sleepless Giant.

But you won’t get them too easily, oh no … smiles are free, but these you must work for. I am not saying you have to come to my house and wash my car, or mow my lawn–though that will work, too. I want you to be a little creative, and help me with the NEW book.

Below is the Introduction to the new novel–working title being “Through the Wicked Wood”. It is a Fairytale Fantasy, telling a story with other stories. It is full of magic, and monsters, and unicorns, and wizards and witches. The idea would be to create a meme using a part of the Introduction.

Take part of the written Introduction, and make a meme however it it that you would make any other meme. Some use computer programs, while others use a handy, dandy mobile app. Draw your own picture, or simply find a picture you feel fits the words … let your artistic side out for a stroll! However you wish to complete the task is completely up to you!

Simply create a meme, and post it to Facebook, and tag my Facebook author page. I will select the very best of the entries in a month’s time–April 22nd–and declare them a winner! That winner will receive a FREE AUDIO BOOK!

Who knows … maybe I’ll give a few away. That all depends on how many people participate.

So please enter! And please share!

Of course, I will keep all of the entries, and will more than likely use them for promoting the new book, when it comes out.

Good Luck!


Fairytale Intro pic

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