I am so happy that the audiobook is complete, and Pavi Proczko did such a wonderful job in producing it. It has been fun listening to someone else reading my words, hearing the way they see them jump off the page.

The best part is that Audible, being a terrific company, has given me some codes that would allow interested readers to get the audiobook version of Plod On, Sleepless Giant for absolutely FREE!

That’s right … free. Of course, I would hope that any that are bestowed these special, rare codes would do me the kindness of reviewing the audiobook once you’re done with it. That would assist me in promoting the thing, which would in turn help to pay Pavi–who was nice enough to produce the book for nothing up front!

There is, however … one, little catch! I’m not going to just walk into a room, and throw these codes up in the air–making it rain free audiobooks… NO!  I’m going to make you work for them.

It won’t be hard work, no physical labor will be required of you–you won’t be mowing my lawn … but you will need to do something.

I have ten audiobooks to give away,so that means ten fun contests!!

That brings us to …

Awesome Giveaway Contest #1

I love a good story, as I’m sure most of you do. So I’d like to see your creative chops! Below you will find four, very different pictures. What you need to do is write a very short, flash fiction piece(no more than 1,000 words) based on one of the images.

Be creative … be funny … be philosophical, if you like! The short story that I like most will be announced the winner on August 26th, 2016! I’ll be posting the winning story on this very site, so you must be ok with that.

Please send your flash fiction stories in the body of an email to mike@mpmcvey.com by Monday August 22nd to be considered for the prize! And, as always, share this opportunity with your friends and family …

Happy writing!

street circus


mouse band


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