As a child, I was always confused by the idea of leap year. I was bewildered by the idea that one out of four years would be longer than the rest. Imagine a child born on that day and only having a birthday party every four years … what  a travesty.

But as I got older I realized the importance of Leap Year. The Gregorian calendar, by which we live, is not a perfect tool. After all, a day is not truly a day–seeing how it takes our rock 24 hours and 59.178 seconds to complete a full rotation.

This seems like such a small, insignificant amount… even at the annual total of six hours. But science is very finicky when it comes to things such as math. Astronomically speaking, each and every second matters when it comes to celestial events and seasons.

Life would be different without it. Without Leap Year, it would be early July … 2017. We would all be a year older.

So… in honor of the correction created by Julius Caesar to keep our seasons aligned(and making me a year younger), I am running a weekend sale for my debut novel, Plod On Sleepless Giant. From this Friday through Monday, the end of our leaping through time, the Kindle edition of my novel will only be 99 cents.

Trust me, it’s a good deal… It’s cheaper than a fast food cheeseburger, a candy bar, or even a bottle of pop(soda, soda pop). And beyond being cheaper, it also contains absolutely zero calories, but is somehow more filling.

Thanks for taking part, and I hope you enjoy!

Remember … the sale doesn’t start until Friday morning!

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