I was really nervous taking part in *CHANGES* with Sally Ember this morning. I had never done anything close to a live show, whether it be a television, internet, or radio program. There’s always that fear that you’ll say or do something unforgiveable and that it would be caught in the moment and preserved for all time.

I’m sure that there are plenty of embarrassing moments in today’s episode, but Sally(being the perfect example of a professional) did an amazing job at keeping the show going, and making sure I didn’t totally freeze-up … except for one, embarrassing moment, which already has me laughing at myself. And thank you, Sally, for being such a sweet and intelligent person, I truly had an amazingly great time.

In today’s episode, we talked about writing(of course), but we also spoke about the science behind our stories and researching the actual, hard science. We also spoke about social change, and specifically gender roles in stories. I love conversations like these because I always walk away with some new nugget of thought, specifically the perspective of someone else.

You can check out Sally Ember’s blog and get links to all of her episodes of *CHANGES* by heading over to sallyember.com. And of course, being a fellow author, I will direct you to the first book in her Sci-fi series, The Spanner’s Series. It is called This Changes Everything. I just started reading it, but I’m already enjoying it, especially the multi-verse, quantum science behind the series itself!

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