I have recently acquired an unwanted guest. They’re obnoxious and rowdy, and they have made me miserable. It’s a little voice that lurks in the back of mind, telling me that my book will fail in every way possible.

It’s hard to ignore this little voice, especially as the days crawl by since I queried a literary agent. I’m now about ankle deep in week four of waiting; trapped in limbo, unable to query another agent or write anything new.

I have plenty to work on, just no fuel left in the tank to do anything–I’m sans the mojo. Add to that, this blog has taken a lot of my attention–a perfect distraction. Ugh … I just want to hear anything back.

Even a “no” would be welcomed. Then I could try elsewhere. But there’s that voice in the back of my mind …

You won’t succeed ….

There are so many queries on these agent’s desks! Why would they pick yours?

I just have to keep that voice in check, remind myself how long and hard I worked on my book. Patience, i remind myself, good things come to those who wait. Ugh … waiting.

Waiting is for losers …

Shut up, voice in the back of my head!

2 thoughts on “Unwanted Guest

  1. I’m in the same boat as you. The waiting is just horrible but my advice is try not to think about it too much. I’ve had two agents request my full MS and I waited 5 weeks and then 8 weeks before they came back with a ‘no’.

    You also have to be confident in your work and know that you put together the best submission package possible. With the second agent, I sent off my three chapters and heard nothing for six months before they wanted to read the full MS! Sometimes the wait is worth it. Even if you get a ‘no’ this time round, the agent will tell you why and what you can improve on if you were lucky enough for them to read your complete MS.


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